Apex Predatorabout me ,hmmm, may i m d weirdest guy u’ll evr see,knwn to blow pplz mind off vid my portable fctbuk my brain ,,;),luv livin my lyf my style,quite fuuny too,dat trait is intense tho sporadic, a cmplt futbal freak ,real, zidane, barca,henry,eto’o my favies.. luv swimin being an aquarian, an admirer of d prince of persia triology,,mayb cz drz a war fr d two thrones within me too, known to play games for so long dat i wonder d day n nite shiftz,,nocturnal by nature,wolverine is my middle name,an optimist,findin sumthn gud in evry shit datever,luv RED BULL, thumbs up, LASSI(SELF MADE),shesha,kevam,music,muviz dat r inveteratly weird,UNO,vinegar onion,military green color,virgin mojito KRUSHER ,caffeine,red chilli sauce,eatin ice cubes n a million odr thngz , ;)..usd to b a weak heartedperson bt nw m evolvin,,al i knw is dat d ans to evry fukin shit ur brain creates is in luv,learnt a lot frm lyf n still learnin,,analyzin lyf,bein a prt Of it,,watchin it pass by evry second,,luvin it!!,introvertive bein my strongest attribute ,,its not easy to read my mind..an adjustable creature ,,heaven n hell ,being my two homes , luv nature,climbin trees,rivers n animals,n my pet sam is not an excption,m quite gud at pool..quite CHATAK too ;),,hate ppl who thnk dy r d kng f dis wrld ,, n dnt knw d fact dat evry king has a dad .cant stand ppl praisin demslvz dy r d biggest loserz evr,,i listn to all bt do my heartz,,dat way no1 getz hurt ;)..luv doin weird thngz lyk eatin kulfi my style,bein a prt f my mm missionz,bettin ppl for wht i can do n wht i cant,tryn to luv evry moment of my lyf,,which is dificlt sumtymz bt dis is me ,,i get over it ,i thnk dis describes me or mayb i dnt knw hw to dscrb myslf, winnin or losin ,,bt luvin evry piece of my wrld!!!!


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