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There is a world out there I never knew ..
That’s painted in purple and yellow and all it’s hues ..
That I just came across ..
Because I pushed open a door ..
That was never there before ..
But appeared in front of me out of the blue ..

This place was filled with people that had mysterious smiles..
And pathways that led to destinies unknown ..

But once you were in there ..
You were secured like never before..

So I strolled..
And walked along a path that led to the sea..
When suddenly I met a pair of eyes that were smiling straight into me ..
Warm, trusting , true and naughty and loving..
We exchanged no words ..

But it was in the air..
As if I was forced towards him..
I followed the eyes and he led me..
To another door ..
Should I…

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What Babar says in his private will to his son, Humayun :”O my son :people of diverse religions inhabit India; and it is a matter of thanksgiving to God that the King of kings has entrusted the government of this country to you. ‘it therefore behoves you that :

”1. You Should not allow religious prejudices to influence your mind, and administer impartial justice, having due regard to the religious susceptibilities and religious customs of all section of the people.

”2. In particular, refrain from the slaughter of cows, which will help you to obtain a hold on the hearts of the people of India. Thus you will bind the people of the land to yourself by ties of gratitude.

”3. You should never destroy the places of worship of any community and always be justice-loving, so that relations between the king and his subjects may remain cordial and there be peace and contentment in the land.

‘’4. The propagation of Islam will be better carried on with sword of love and obligation than with the sword of oppression.

‘’5. Always ignore the mutual dissension of Shi’ahs and Sunnis, otherwise they will lead to the weakness of Islam

“6. Treat the different peculiarities of your subjects as the different seasons of the year, so that the body politic may remain free from disease.’’